Arizona Patriot Action Network

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Welcome to the online Patriot Action Network headquarters for patriots and activists across the state of Arizona!

The Patriot Action Network is the largest network of movement minded patriots in America. Our national network of more than 1.8 million Americans is gearing up for the 2012 elections and we invite you to join our network! Use the menu tabs above to navigate and to find others in your area to connect with.


1) Leadership

We are currently looking to fill leadership positions throughout the state. If you have a heart for this country and state and you have some time to dedicate we want to speak to you! Contact the leadership team using the Arizona Tea Party Reset located here.

2) Bloggers/Citizen Journalist Team

The Arizona Patriot Action Network will soon work as the home to all Arizona based news and information, and we’re looking for a few patriots willing to be part of the content team:

If you’re interested in being a part of the content team, please visit AZ TEA PARTY RESET to apply.


National DirectorDarla Dawald

Why “Patriot”?

Because that’s who we are! We believe in the greatness of our nation, in our Constitution, in God-given liberty and limited government.

Why “Action”?

Because that’s what we do! We have a place in the political debate because we are among the best informed and most engaged citizens in our nation. We research. We read. We rally. We write. We petition. We call. We fax. We vote. We stand.

Why “Network”?

Because that’s where we meet, at the intersection of the great town square and the latest “Web 2.0” internet technologies. And we’re just beginning!


Patriot Action Network is the official social Action network of Grassfire Nation.